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The Nomad Disposable Pouch is designed for use with the Nomad PMU800 Portable Recorder. This soft, light-weight pouch provides a cost-effective, disposable option to help address infection control measures while still protecting your device. Disposable belt included.

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Infection Control

  • Intended for single-patient use

  • Eliminates the need to clean pouches and belts

  • The patient disposes of the pouch and belt after test is complete

  • The pouch and belt come together in a single sealed package


  • Strong enough to be used multiple nights on the same patient if necessary

  • Sturdy, wide belt prevents movement of the Nomad Device during testing

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  • Belt easily adjusts to accommodate patients of all sizes

  • Patients can cut excess material from belt if needed

Quality Material

  • The pouch and belt are made from soft, light-weight material

  • Comfortable for patients and still durable enough to protect your device.

Disposable Pouch with Nomad.png
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