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Polysmith - Sleep Diagnostic Software

The most advanced sleep diagnostic software in the world. Easy to use and packed full of features like patient scheduler, lab management, SQL database, automated sleep analysis, and much more!

Polysmith Sleep Diagnostic Softwar
  • Polysmith – Acquisition and Analysis
    Sophisticated and easy-to-use software for data acquisition and analysis of sleep. Automated analysis of sleep stages, respiratory events, desaturations, and much more.

  • Polysmith DMS – Patient Scheduler and Database
    Patient database with over 5,000 parameters stored for each patient. Lab and resource management features included. HL7 integration with many different systems. Administrative tools for quick access to lab management graphs and reports.

  • Surveysmith – Report Viewer
    The Surveysmith Report Viewer does much more than just viewing reports. Hyperlinks back to studies, inline dictation fields, and digital signing are just a few of the many great features. Advanced report customization options to meet all your needs.

  • Polysmith PQ – Patient Questionnaire
    Eliminate paper surveys and enjoy an integrated system for gathering information from your patients. Polysmith PQ is a web-based solution that allows patients to enter information from a web browser on a tablet, laptop, or computer kiosk. Polysmith PQ is integrated with Polysmith DMS to store the questionnaire results.

Neurotrnics Sensors

Neurotronics Sensors

High quality sensors available in multiple lengths and connector styles.

Neurtronics Sensors
  • Quality
    From conception to production, our sensors are built with quality and precision in mind. We believe sleep professionals and patients deserve it.

  • Customer Driven
    Through years of direct customer feedback, we realized there was a need for high-quality, dependable sensors that produce accurate signals -- all night, every night.

  • Experienced
    Neurotronics Sensors are designed, tested, and produced in-house. Our engineering and management teams have decades of experience in sleep diagnostic equipment and software.

Sphinx PMU710

Sphinx PMU710 - Sleep Amplifier

The Sphinx PMU710 is IP addressable and only requires a single Ethernet connection for both patient recordings and intercom/audio.

Neurotronics Sphinx Amplifier
  • Simple

    • Push-pull quick disconnect for head box.

    • Logical color-coded channel layout.​

    • Single ethernet connection up to 100 meters.

  • Integrated​​

    • Designed with innovative Nihon Kohden SpO2 technology for best-in-class oximetry.

    • Single-port pressure transducer measures both PAP pressure and flow.
      Audio is recorded with data with built-in microphone.

    • Built-in intercom allows easy communication with the patient.

    • Full AASM channel set.

Nomad PMU800 - Portable Sleep Recorder

The compact and powerful Nomad Portable Recorder is a Type III sleep diagnostic device. Color-coded inputs, long battery life, 12 channels, and small design make the Nomad a fantastic option.

Neurotronics Nomad HSAT Device
  • Simple
    Easy patient setup with auto-start on valid oximetry signal. Color-coded sensor inputs. Fast download over USB. Quickly autoscore with the Polysmith world-renowned scoring algorithm.

  • Small
    Weighs slightly over six ounces in a lightweight, robust package.

  • Versatile
    Able to record up to three consecutive nights. Multiple sensor input options — choose the channels you want. Use with Polysmith Portable software or integrate with the Polysmith suite of software products.

Nomad PMU800
Live View Panel

Live View Panel

Remote Access Technology


Live View Panel allows for intuitive real-time management of diverse neuromonitoring data from a centralized location. From one location, you can monitor patients from multiple locations within your facility and beyond.

The customizable Live View Panel interface provides color-coding and placement of EEG or PSG patient information based on variables such as patient location, acuity level, physician or data modality. This ability to tailor information from diverse patient populations will provide the viewer with clinically relevant information that can result in quicker interpretation and better quality outcomes.

Live View Panel gives you the ability to provide tech-monitored neurology services for affiliated remote facilities. This enables smaller hospitals to provide these services in their own facility rather than making the patient travel to a larger hospital.

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